Using only a browser or smartphone you can manage multiple teams and even share devices between them. Group devices together and specify exactly what information each user can see.


Our software is driven by the Elixir/Erlang platform, trusted by telecom giants such as Ericsson for over 20 years. And for security and reliability we manage our servers in a fully redundant datacenter.

Continual Support

With 49,718,908 messages delivered you can count on us to keep the lights on. Improvements are quietly rolled out to your devices with no extra effort on your part.

What hardware is supported?

Hytera PD782G

Our primary focus has been on Hytera DMR systems so if you have a Hytera repeater and radios with GPS chips (such as the Hytera PD782G) then you likely have everything you need. Simply sign up and we will give you an IP address to add to your repeater's Forward To PC setting. If you have any difficulties we have a Hytera dealer available to advise you.

We are currently working on an updated Android application for transmitting GPS data (you can already view from any device). Let us know if you would like to transmit from mobile devices and we can give you early access.

Lastly, if you need dedicated tracking or telematics hardware (to permanently mount on equipment) please let us know. We have access to robust and inexpensive hardware and would be interested in working with your requirements.